Ultimate Conception to Pregnancy Bundle

Price: €97

Bundle Breakdown:

  1. Natural Fertility Audio Program
  2. IVF Support Program
  3. Healing Your Heart, Mind & Soul
  4. Confident Early Pregnancy
  5. Fire Up Your Fertility Challenge

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Natural Fertility Audio Program

Valued at €29

In Natural Fertility Audio program, there are 3 powerful guided visualization tracks to support you:

1) Nurturing Light Of Fertility

2) Womb Connection, Grounding & Healing

3) Control Room & Letting Go

Healing Your Heart, Mind & Soul

Valued at €39

When you’ve experienced loss, or a failed fertility treatment – it can be extremely difficult to recover emotionally. This program is designed to heal and nurture your soul while going through challenging times and help you to reach a place of inner strength once more.

IVF Support Program

Valued at €39

4 x Powerful audio hypnosis tracks to assist your mind and body to move through each stage of IVF/ IUI/ Egg Donation peacefully and powerfully

Track 1: Golden Light Stimulation

Track 2: Calm Egg Collection

Track 3: Relaxed Embryo Transfer

Track 4: Implantation & Letting Go

Confident Early Pregnancy

Valued at €39

Yes, it’s so exciting to finally be pregnant – but it can be really scary too! This gentle confidence-building audio hypnosis program will help you to welcome your baby in – while allowing you to remain calm, relaxed and feeling able to gently embrace this new chapter of life.

Mind Body Fertility Summit

Valued at €97

Join Claire and 19 renowned fertility experts from around the world as we dig deep into the mind-body connection to fertility and how it can become your biggest asset and ally as you strive to become and stay pregnant! This powerful series of expert masterclasses from my massively successful online summit has been transformational for many. I still regularly receive messages about how deeply it’s impact has been felt. 

Fire Up Your Fertility Challenge

Valued at €29

5 Challenges, across 5 days to elevate your fertility to the next level. 450 people took part in the challenge earlier this year and the results were nothing short of amazing!

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